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Q & A with Leah Ferguson

Leah Ferguson is the debut author of ALL THE DIFFERENCE published by Berkley/Penguin which tells the story, in alternating chapters, of a pregnant woman who says yes – and no! – when her boyfriend proposes marriage. You may also know Leah from her popular mommy-blog One Vignette – life on the small scale: a story at a time. Thank you, Leah, for joining us here at WomenWritersWomen[‘s]Books. We’re thrilled to have you! Let’s start from the beginning, your beginning. Where did you grow up? WWWB, thanks so much for having me. I’m thrilled to be a part of one of your (increasingly famous!) Q&As. I was born on Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, the result of my foster-child-turned-career-airman da

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