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Clubs & Conferences! 

  • Book Clubs are filled with women who dream to write. At the very least, they are curious about the publishing industry. How it works. How to start. 

I regularly meet either in person or via skype with book clubs and writing groups to talk writing and publishing. If you'd like me to meet with yours, my time is free. All I ask is that you join my email list or like my Facebook page.

  • There is nothing I enjoy more than sharing the craft I love. I regularly attend/speak/moderate at Writers' Conferences, Workshops, and Retreats. 

Some of the subjects I've had the honor of speaking about or moderating discussions on are:

  1. Querying (coaching and critiquing query letters as well as the process)

  2. Pitching/Elements of Effective Pitches - elevator, twitter, loglines, and hooklines

  3. Agent One-on-One Prep

  4. Social Change Through Fiction

  5. Romantic Elements Across Genre

  6. Elements of a Story

  7. Erotica (I don't write erotica, but I was asked to moderate that one. It was a packed house and a personal favorite!) 

If you are interested in having me participate in your event, drop me a note!


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Thanks for the note. I'll be in touch soon!


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  M  M    F  i  n  c  k 

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