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The Interviews - 

Who? Where? Why?

I am a professional reader which means that publishers and publicists give me advanced copies of books in the hopes that I will like them and go on to promote them, which I do in a number of ways, most notably with interviews. It is tremendously fun for me to introduce readers to the the personal side of their favorite AUTHORS. Equally fun is introducing someone new and great.

In the hopes of better equipping aspiring authors in the oft-arduous publishing journey, I also interview LITERARY AGENTS and EDITORS with questions fed to me by writers from all over the world. If you don't see yours answered, shoot them over to me via the Contact page or the form below

The interviews are published by Women's Writers, Women['s] Books where I oversee the Interviews and Agents' Corner segments. From there, the Q&As get cross-published all over the web. 

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Do you have a favorite author you want to know more about?  Do you have a question for an agent or editor? Would you like an email when a new Q&A is posted?  I want to hear!

  M  M    F  i  n  c  k 

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