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There are standing giveaways:

goodreads - all genres

YA Books Central - young adult and kids

Epic Reads - young adult

Most giveaways are hosted by the publisher, the author, or a collection of authors to promote a new or upcoming release and are open to entry for a limited time. THESE ARE THE KINDS OF RAFFLES THAT I HOST!!

Publishers and authors give me books to give away. I would love to give them to you!! I post the GIVEAWAYS on my Facebook page. All you have to do is click the raffle link. GOOD LUCK!

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Congratulations, you've won a free book!  Happy dance!  :)  If you like it, please consider lending it to a friend and always review it on Amazon/B&N/goodreads. Author's careers are made on word-of-mouth recommendations. In today's world, that word-of-mouth is Amazon.


Who doesn't love a free book?!  Writers love them too.  They give us the chance to win a reader over and turn her into a fan. In other cases, we want to show our appreciation to our treasured, pre-existing fans.  

  M  M    F  i  n  c  k 

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