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Q & A with Emily Liebert

Emily Liebert is the author of THOSE SECRETS WE KEEP, WHEN WE FALL, YOU KNEW

ME WHEN, and the upcoming SOME WOMEN (April 5, 2016), all published by Penguin Random House. You may know her from…well, from everywhere. Emily was the editor-in-chief of The WAG, a luxury lifestyle magazine. Emily has appeared on the Today Show, Rachael Ray, Andersen Live, Martha Stewart Live Radio, and in Bing’s partnership with Facebook appearing in 30+ television and radio spots, among many others. She’s written for Huffington Post,, Elite Traveler, and, again, many others. In 2009, Emily edited Kerry Kennedy’s New York Times bestseller Being Catholic Now. On top of it all, Emily is a married mom of two adorable boys, and a certified Pure Barre teacher. We are thrilled to welcome Emily to WomenWritersWomen[‘s]Books.

Let’s start from the beginning, your beginning.

Where did you grow up?

New York City born and bred. It says a lot about me.

What were you like as a kid? A teen?

I was talkative. Outgoing. Talkative. Street smart. Oh, and talkative. I loved to tell stories. Every. Last. Detail. And I was way more relaxed than I am now. I wish I could get back to that.

Favorite word?

Daft (because I don’t have a British accent, but wish I did)

Hidden talent?

Splits (on both sides) and cartwheels. It entertains the kids (and the husband).

Best meal you prepare?

This one is tough because I love to cook. I make killer chicken wings, meatloaf, steamers, roasted potatoes and so much more. Clearly that’s not one meal.

Book on your nightstand right now?

IF YOU ONLY KNEW by Kristan Higgins—a friend and fellow author sent it to me, declaring it a must read.

Which writers inspire you?

All of them. Because I know the uphill battle. But, most recently, Jessica Knoll, who wrote Luckiest Girl Alive. She’s a killer writer. Sarah Healy who wrote Can I Get An Amen? and House of Wonder. And Amy FitzHenry who wrote Cold Feet. She’s a debut novelist with an authentic voice.

You write about female relationships. What female roles or struggles are you most passionate about?

Motherhood. It’s the most challenging job I’ve ever had. I mean, let’s be real, I’m at least fifty percent responsible for shaping two little boys into remotely decent human beings. (!!!???)

What led you to be a novelist after a successful career in television and online and print journalism?

I like bigger projects I can sink my teeth into. And I cherish the opportunity to see characters through life changing events and struggles, whether their ending is happy or not.

You’ve used a cross-marketing in fascinating and unique ways. You launched YOU KNEW ME WHEN alongside a ZOYA brand nail polish trio named for your three main characters – Luella, Katherine, and Laney. For THOSE SECRETS WE KEEP you formed a similar partnership with IT Cosmetics and paired the novel with a travel set of eye makeup. For WHEN WE FALL you partnered with Canyon Ranch. How did the partnerships come to be? And were they effective at helping you to expand your readership, etc.?

It’s no secret that it’s hard to sell books these days, so when I wrote my debut novel YOU KNEW ME WHEN I realized that I needed a way to draw attention to my book on the crowded fiction shelf. I approached both Zoya and IT. The partnership goes both ways. The brand produces product—or in the case of Canyon Ranch hosted a weekend featuring me and the book—and in turn, they ride my publicity train. Win-win. And, yes, it’s been extremely helpful in selling books!

What advice can you offer to aspiring writers who admire what you’ve accomplished and aspire to something similar?

Write about what you’re passionate about. Learn to stomach rejection. If you believe that no one can slam a door in your face, then no one can slam a door in your face.

And finally…

Salty or Sweet? Salty. Hands down. Olives. Cheese. Nuts. Need I say more? Ok, I’ll say more. I dip pretzels in salt. You get the point.

Coffee or Tea (or in the interviewer’s case Diet Coke)?

Hot chocolate. But, I do love tea under the right circumstances, specifically apple cinnamon.

Film or Television? Television. I don’t have the patience to watch a movie. Or the ability to keep my mouth shut for that long.

Wine or Cocktail? Bloody Mary with three olives. Or champagne, hold the olives.

Luxury Vacation or Wild Adventure?

Luxury vacation with a wild adventure built in.

Thank you, Emily, so much dropping in. Welcome to the WWWB family! We will be supporting and rooting for you forever more. We are so happy for you for all your success. Undoubtedly, there is much more to come. :)

“A perfect summer read, in the style of Elin Hilderbrand or Jane Green.” —Library Journal

"Emily Liebert’ s evocative new novel reveals how the secrets we keep can entangle us - and how only the deep power of friendships can set us free. Settle in for a vacation at the lake with these unforgettable women. Within a few pages, you'll practically feel the warm sand beneath your toes.” —Sarah Pekkanen, Internationally bestselling author of The Opposite of Me

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