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These are some of the authors that make me "squee!" like a crazy fangirl. Their stories are full of heart and wisdom, the kind of stories you live in. In many cases, I know these authors personally, and they are every bit as kind and cool as they look. Each photo includes a link to their websites.

Idols & Friends - My Favorite Authors

This is not a complete list of the authors I enjoy and admire, of course. These are some of the authors who write in the same subgenre that I do.  If you like my work, you'll like theirs and, I hope, vice versa. Oodles of recs for other great authors can be found on tabs - Book Recs & People Who Know Books. I am very active on Goodreads and the Litsy app. I post everything I read there. If you don't have Litsy, I can't recommend it enough. It is a friendly, positive, book-loving community. Find me on there! @MMFinck I want to see what you're reading too! :)

  M  M    F  i  n  c  k 

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