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Do you know the feeling when you finish a book that you loved, the need to push it into the hands of everyone you know?  That eagerness is what propelled me to become a professional book reviewer. I review books I read for pleasure, as well as the Advanced Reader Copies I read in my role. 

To see all of my reviews, follow me or send me a friend request on Goodreads (@mmfinck) or the Listy app (@MMF). I'll follow back! Warning: Litsy is addictive in the very best way. <3  I'd love to know what you're reading too and read your reviews!

Here are a couple dozen of my five-star personal faves - some older, some newer. Each image includes a link to a description and reviews of the book. Enjoy! Let me know what you think!

Book Recs - My Favorite Novels


That original eagerness that got me into book reviewing resurfaces when those same books launch. I do everything I can to help authors get their voices out there because I know how much it means to me personally. I love knowing what's about to come out and waiting eagerly for it.  I love knowing when an author is going to be in my area promoting a new release.  I love getting to know the authors of my favorite books!  And, as a writer, I am an overflowing fountain of gratitude for my readers. There is little better than the opportunity to say Welcome! and Thank You!!!

So I aid in reader-writer love fests!  What could be better?  Here are two examples.


Q&A with Bethany Chase, author of THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY
FridayFictionFriend book blog - AFTER I DO by Taylor Jenkins Reid



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